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Estimates of theft losses from US construction sites alone range from $300 million to $1 billion per year. When you sink valuable dollars into a piece of equipment for your business or organization, you want to know it's going to stick around, but setting up an asset tracking system can look daunting. Maybe you think it'll take hours to audit your equipment every day. Maybe you think it'll be months before your system is in place. But tool tracking tags don't have to be another workplace headache – putting an asset management system in place can be easy.

Tagging and tracking your tools helps prevent theft.

Putting tool tracking tags on your equipment creates a strong deterrent for would-be thieves because it means that they’re more likely to get caught. Tracking tags are also a great way to hold employees accountable for the tools they use every day.

Soft aluminum tags are easy to use.

Tracking tags can be applied to nearly any surface and are difficult to remove. Tags can contain serial numbers, barcodes, or both, greatly easing the tool checkout process after the computerized inventory is created.

Computerize your tool inventory.

Using tool tracking tags is an easy way to make sure you know where all of your tools are – computerizing your inventory puts all of the information in one place for ease of use. And since it’s paperless, you also save a few trees.